Partner Plans & Step-down Plans

The Joint Venture includes conservation partners across the 10-state region who have developed habitat objectives for birds at regional scale. To make bird-habitat implementation more applicable to their respective agencies and organizations, some partners have stepped down the JV regional plans to smaller jurisdictions and or refined how they target regional conservation objectives based on their stakeholder priorities.

Breeding Duck Habitat Assessment for Northern Ohio

This assessment, completed for the Ohio Waterfowl Production Area Study Team (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources), was developed to inform decisions regarding waterfowl breeding habitat establishment in northern Ohio. The primary goal for designated waterfowl production areas (WPAs) is to provide duck habitat with relatively high survival and recruitment during the breeding period. However, these wetland / upland plant communities (habitat complexes) actually offer myriad benefits to wildlife and to people, and integrating biological and social objectives into habitat conservation decisions is promoted in the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP 2012 and 2018).

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Wisconsin Waterfowl Habitat Conservation Strategy

This document was developed collaboratively by Wisconsin partners with support from the UMGL JV Science Staff to guide and inform decisions for waterfowl habitat conservation. Conceived as a step-down from the 2017 JV Waterfowl Habitat Conservation Strategy, the Wisconsin strategy integrates technological advances, trends in landscape cover types, and changing attitudes of society since the original Wisconsin Plan was produced nearly 30 years ago. Some key components in this strategy include: specific waterfowl habitat objectives for the next 15 years, summaries of landscape change and of waterfowl population changes since 1992, a habitat delivery decision support tool, and priorities for future research, monitoring, and planning refinement.

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