The Newly Revised JV Waterfowl and Waterbird Habitat Strategies are Now Available!

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The UMGL JV is pleased to showcase the newly revised Waterfowl Habitat Conservation Strategy, and the Waterbird habitat Conservation Strategy. These strategies use the latest scientific information to address regional- and continental-scale priorities throughout the annual cycle (breeding, migration, and wintering).

Within these strategies you will find

  1. regional and state-level conservation planning linked to continental initiatives,
  2. species-habitat associations for waterfowl and waterbirds,
  3. science-based wetland bird habitat objectives by state and region,
  4. decision tools (maps) to better target conservation, and
  5. research and monitoring supported by the Joint Venture to fill information gaps, test planning assumptions, and improve wetland bird habitat delivery.

Partners developing wetland-conservation grant applications and project proposals will find this information especially useful. Check out this summary of the Waterfowl and Waterbird Habitat Conservation Strategies, and learn more and find our full plans here.