I’m excited to switch hats and work with everyone to advance bird conservation in our joint venture. Strong partnerships, good communication, and focus on mission have been hallmarks of our JV, and building on those strengths will keep us working together to make meaningful impacts on bird habitat and society in our ten states.

The UMGL JV has not been without challenges as we try to advance bird conservation in an evolving landscape and society. To stay relevant and continue to affect change, our enterprise must also evolve, building from our strong base of great, science-based planning, effective delivery, and strategic monitoring. We must also step back and think about the many ways that society values the habitat we strive to conserve, and we will continue to face challenges in our work. From the coastal Great Lakes wetlands to the floodplains of the Mississippi River system, changing hydrology, invasive species, and continued declines in quality and quantity of habitats leave us with a lot of work to do, but we will tackle those issues the same way we got here today…by working together, sharing resources, and staying focused on the big picture.

This joint venture belongs to all of the people and organizations who come to the table. I’m thrilled to work with all of the members and on behalf of the JV as we tackle bird conservation for future generations.