By Ryan Brady

Over three years ago, a group of natural resource professionals started working on an initiative titled Forestry for Michigan Birds. These professionals were interested in improving the knowledge of landowners and other natural resources professionals on the topic of bird habitat and forest management. By taking inspiration from other states, such as Vermont and Maine, this group in Michigan began working on a toolkit that could be used to either start or further encourage landowners and professionals to think about bird habitat while conducting forest management around Michigan. After a lot of work and back-and-forth discussion, this wonderful toolkit is now available!

All the tools and information about Forestry for Michigan Birds can be accessed through this link: Forestry for Michigan Birds – Michigan Audubon. Two guides are provided: one geared towards landowners and one towards forest managers. The landowner’s guide provides basic information to help landowners have some information they can used when talking with professionals. The manager’s guide delves deeper into the topics discussed to provide professional land managers with information they can use while talking with private landowners, the general public, or to help create long-term forest management plans with bird habitat as a factor.

Project lead, Michael Paling, of American Bird Conservancy, says, “The amount of excitement and support that we’ve already received is very encouraging! I hope you are all able to take some knowledge away from this work, and please share this info wherever you see fit!” Reach out to Michael with any comments or questions at or call (906) 251-3065.

Thanks to Michael and the entire Michigan team for these outstanding resources that are sure to benefit the forest birds of Michigan and beyond!